I've heard your frustrations.

Lack of consistency, blown out skin tones, hazy images, green color casts, focus struggles, capturing genuine emotions, posing, finding locations, outfit and client prep struggles ... 

This course addresses it all, every single nitty gritty detail of how I shoot and edit my images and solutions to the common struggles of light and airy photographers.


About The Course

This 3.5 hour in depth video course walks through all the ins and outs of how I shoot and edit to achieve my light and airy photography style. The course is broken down into five sections including preparing clients for their session, what I’m looking for in my locations, posing and capturing authentic emotions, the technical side of shooting, culling and editing.

This course is a cumulation of my bachelors of fine art photography degree and twelve years worth of professional experience developing my photography style, all condensed down in to a 3.5 hour master course which includes instructional teaching, on location demos throughout the seasons, and a private membership group for like-minded community, Q&As, and additional resources. 



- 3.5 hour in depth video course broken up into five sections

- Private Facebook group membership for community, critiques, Q&As, and additional resources. Includes 1 year membership from your date of purchase.

Course Breakdown
Prepping Clients For Their Session (37 min)

Location Scouting (20 min)

Posing and Capturing Authentic
Emotions (44 min)

The Technical Side of Things (51 min)

Culling + Editing (57 min)


Are there any prerequisites for this course?
It is recommended that you are proficient in shooting manual and have a basic knowledge of Lightroom. If you are not yet comfortable in these two areas, you will want to start with my beginners course.

Will there be any support offered after completing the course?
Yes! Your course purchase includes membership into my private Facebook group for community, Q&As, as well as additional resources and content.

How will I access the course?
Upon checkout, you will have access to the course link inside your account. You can visit your account to view all of your courses at any time by clicking "My Account" in the top menu of my shop.

Can I view the course more than once? 
Absolutely! Your purchase includes unlimited access to this course.

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